Anger ... Changed By The Word (Part #1)

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Anger ... Changed By The Word. This is the 5th message in the series titled Real Faith in Real Life. Scripture today from James 1:16-21.

When Eternity Shapes How You Deal With Temptation and Sin

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Is it really worth it to obey? This message from James 1:12-15 deals with how we deal with temptation and sin.

Worldly Pride

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Worldly Pride ... James 1:9-11 ... God made us to be Holy not to make us happy.

Wisdom's Source

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Wisdom's Source ... Where Do I Find Wisdom? This is the second message in our series from the Book of James. We are reminded of the context of James' writing that "trials are meant to drive you beyond you." Wisdom for the trials can only be found in Christ. Today's text is from James 1:5-8.

When Your Faith Is Tested

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:When Your Faith Is Tested ... This is the 1st sermon of our series "Real Faith in Real Life" from the Book of James. In this first message from James 1:1-4 we see God's purposes when our faith is put to the test.

New Year - Old Mission

Josh Swindall


Description:Josh Swindall (Student Pastor) teaches today's message with the of embracing a New Year with an old mission...the mission that all believers are called to carry out never changes.

A Savior Is Born

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:A Savior Is Born ... Message #4 of the Christmas At The Cross Series. Luke 2:11

What Child Is This?

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Message #3 of Christmas at the CrossWhat Child Is This? Isaiah 9:6Wonderful CounselorMighty GodEverlasting FatherPrince of Peace

Kids Leading Singing

Harris Crumbley


Description:Crosshaven Kids leading Christmas Worship...Thanks to all those who lead our kids. God Bless You.

Immanuel: God With Us

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Christmas at the Cross (Message 2)Immanuel: God With Us - Isaiah 7:1-14

Jesus: Born For The Cross

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Christmas at the Cross (Message 1)Jesus: Born For The Cross - Colossians 2:9-15

Satan's Stratagies To Destroy

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Satan's Stratagies To Destroy the lives of believers.

The Gratitude Attitude

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Being Thankful is a "Disposition of the Heart ... A Deep Spiritual Matter." To show thankfulness is to show faith, We should be thankful for the works of God's goodness, and it should lead us to action.

Hopeful Parenting - Psalm 127

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Hopeful Parenting - Today is Parent Dedication and Child Commitment...we will explore the scripture in Psalm 127 to see that there is hope in putting the Lord at the center of the home.

Living In The Far Country (The Parable Of Two Prodigal Sons)

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Two Prodigal Sons ... Living in the Far Country. Launched from Luke 15...Here we see two very different sons who engaged in two very different kinds of sin...both equally alienating from their father...this is also a story of redemptiona and forgiveness.

Self Control

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:SELF CONTROL - Surrendering to the authority of Christ and living a controlled life is taught througout the scriptures. Today focus on Proverbs 25:28 shows us that "self control" is the believers wall of protection against the sin that wages war against our souls.

The Christ-Focused Church

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Christ-Focused Church is taught today from 2 Peter 1:3-15, Philippians 3:10 & Philippians 1:21. This final message of "Church Matters" focuses on the church membership as a whole.

Deacons (Leading Servants in the Church

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Deacons ... Leading Servants In The Church. This is the 3rd message of the series "Church Matters." Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timiothy 3:1-16 serve as the scriptural references for this message.

Elders (Servant Leaders of the Church

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:This is message #2 or church matters...a continuation of last week's message on elder leadership. The biblical qualifications for elders are presented in this message.

Elders (Servant Leaders of the Church)

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Elders - Servant Leaders of the Church is message number one of the four sermon series titles "Church Matters."

What Sin Does To Christians

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:What does sin do to Christians? Sin wil corrupt, control and steamroll on a Christian. Main texts today are from 1 Peter 2:1-12 & Romans 7.

Procrastination in the Church

Dr, Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Today's message deals with the problem of procrastination and laziness. Join us in Proverbs 27:1 and James 4:17.

Successful Ministry

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Sucessful Ministry ... Ministry Fair Sunday ... Time to sign up to use your "God given" talent and give back to His church via working in the "ministry(s)" of Crosshaven Church. Today's message comes from 1 Kings 8; Ezekiel 10-11; and Matthew 5:14-16.

Death To Selfie ... 3 John

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:3 John deals directly with pride, which is at the "core" of all sin.

The Book Of Jude

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:The book of Jude deals with the difference in "Moral Relativism and Absolute Truth"...We can trust our lives to a soveriegn Creator or to man-made belief...Where do you land?

The Book Of Philemon

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Do you love people who are hurting? Paul teaches us a huge lesson about how saved people are changed...the way we interact with others is different than the cultural norm. This short letter from Paul provides great lessons about grace and forgiveness.

The Book Of Obadiah

Dr. Jason Murphree, Senior Pastor


Description: The whole book of Obadiah is covered today. This is the shortest book in the Old Testament. We learn from Obadiah that ... (1) We cannot be indifferent (2) What goes around comes around (3) We cannot harbor bitterness and hatred (4) We must turn from the sin of pride.

The Presence of God

Jake Eddleman


Description:Thank you to Jake Eddleman for preaching from Psalm 13 ... "Why am I not seeking the presence of God" all the time?"

Do You Get It?

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Do You Get It? Do you understand freedom in Christ? You cannot earn salvation. And it is freely given to you. And that ought to change your life. Galatians 6:11-18

The Principle Of Sowing And Reaping

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:What are you sowing? Are you happy with what you are currently reaping? Galatians 6:6-10 is a big lesson in the understanding that our decisions and our actions matter.

Burden Bearers: Restoring and Helping Others

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Galatians 6:1-5 reminds us that Jesus loves people who are hurting and in need of restoration. As believers, we are commanded and called to love people enough to care and point them to hope in Christ.

Believers Led By The Spirit of God

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Today we learn from Galatians 5:16-25 about what it means to be Spirit-led. This scripture gives us a better understanding of the Holy Spirit.

How We Love Others

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:"Loving Others" is often hard to do, but we learn from Galatians 5:13-15 & 26 that this is exactly what we are called to do as believers.

Dads Who Give Their Kids Hope

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Father's Day at Crosshaven Church is "celebrating Jesus Christ" and teaching dads how to live godly lives that are "authentic and spirit led." This message also provides biblical instruction on how to teach your children the most important thing in life (authentic relationship with Jesus Christ).

Are You Responsible?

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Today's message is launched from Galatians 4:11-20 and 5:1-12. Freedom in Christ does not mean that we are free from responsibility for our actions.

Why We Do Things Like VBS

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Today's message is launched from Mark 2:1-12 and Mark 10:17-31. Our purpose as the church is to make disicples and to disciple those who are saved. That is why we do things like VBS - these things are more than just fun events - they are opportunities to share hope with people who need Christ.

Promises We Can Count On

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Today's message is launched from Galatians 3:23 - 4:11. Tdoay we learn 7 promises that Paul reminds us that we have if we are in Christ. We can count on these. God is a promise maker and a promise keeper...He is not a hope-so God.

Why The Law?

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:The message today is launched from Galatians 3:15-22 and covers the reason that God gave us the Law. The Law never was intended to save...Jesus saves by grace through faith.

Slave or Free: Who's Your Mama?

Josh Swindall, Student Pastor


Description:Josh Swindall (our Student Pastor) shared today's message on Mother's Day and stayed in the Galatians series by preaching on the example of Hagar and Sarah in Galatians 4:21-31.

Christ Did This For Us

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Message launched today from Galatians 3:1-14 is message #4 in the series "Unlocking Freedom". We have a "God shaped hole in us that can only be filled by Jesus Christ." He redeemed us by becoming the curse for us.

Jesus Is Enough

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:By Grace Through Faith ... Jesus Is Enough. The work of Christ on the cross was sufficient...all that was needed. In Galatians 2 we find Paul admonishing the Galatian Christians to stick with the Gospel that they know to be true. Verse 20 is our key verse. The whole chapter is a reminder that we can't work our way to God, but it is by grace through faith that we are saved.

Do Our Lives Authenticate The Gospel?

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:Today we finish the first chapter of Galatians. Int his paassage we find Paul's personal testimony of how Christ changed his life. He went from persecutor to preacher. It is a reminder that Jesus changes lives every day.

Unlocking Freedom

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:EASTER SUNDAY AT CROSSHAVEN ...Today we begin a new study of the book of Galatians (Unlocking Freedom). In Galatians 1:1-10 we find Paul reminding the Galatians about the simple truth and the validity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Ravishing Grace Of God

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:The scripture today is from Romans 5:12-21 & Ephesians 1:7a. Ravishing means "unusual or abundant" ... today we learn of God's abundant and unusual love for us. His love was displayed on the cross.

The Power of God

Dr. Jason Murphree, Pastor


Description:The message today is launched from Exodus and serves as a lead into the Easter season. It is important to remember the power of God to save. This message explores the names of God and the fact that Jesus is the Great I AM.

The Forgotten Mission Field

Josh Swindall - Crosshaven Student Pastor


Description:Scripture today from Genesis 37 ... follow today as Josh Swindall, Student Pastor, takes us on a journey pointing out the need for the talents we are blessed with and how we can be used in a "Forgotten Mission Field". More comments coming soon. Web Master

The Rich Young Man

Pastor, Jason Murphree, Joshua Murphree, IMB & David Johns, AMB


Description:Today from Matthew 19: 16-30 ... Pastor sets the stage for the information from our two guest speakers this morning. More comments coming soon. Web Master

To The Ends Of The Earth

Brandon Arndt - North American Missions Miami, FL ... Followed by: Pastor: Jason Murphree


Description:Scripture today is from Acts 1:8. Ministry in this world is not accomplished solely by us, rather we must be empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomlish His work. Our command in Acts 1:8 is the take the gospel to the utter end of the earth. Thank you to special guest (Brandon Arndt) for sharing with us today. Brandon grew up at Crosshaven and is currently a church-plant team member at Christ Centered Church in Miami, FL

Navajo Nation

Rob McIntosh, Guest Speaker


Description:We were glad to have Rob McIntosh, Missionary from the Navajo Nation, in New Mexico, share God's Word today. Crosshaven is partnered in missions with Navajo Nation.

We Are Not Who We Used To Be - Spiritual Growth

Pastor, Jason Murphree


Description:The opposite of last Sunday's message ... this sermon concentrates on Spiritual Growth as it is found in 1 Peter 2:1-12. How to know if you are "really" saved. This message deals with theology of salvation, justification, and santification.